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Maximise the knowledge of your electricity network to minimise your risk through intelligent analysis

Best-practice image capture and data mining

Who are

Raedyne Systems helps global transmission network owners minimise their risk exposure and extend the operational life of conductors and hardware. 

Our proven Smart Aerial Image Processing (SAIP) service is a step-change in risk management, as our combination of high-resolution imagery and data mining consistently and accurately captures asset condition. 

We seamlessly integrate this information into our customers’ operational and business processes for best-practice maintenance and compliance. 

Airborn CTCS inspection by Raedyne Systems

We offer high speed, single-pass aerial surveys that visually capture transmission conductors and hardware in unprecedented detail and coverage.

Raedyne Systems monitor and idntify anomolies on conductors and hardware

We deliver repeatable machine learning analysis of asset imagery to monitor the condition of, and identify anomalies on, conductors and hardware.

Raedyne Systems Customer Portal

Our customers have secure access through a portal to all raw images, image analyses, and reports on their assets for effective monitoring and maintenance.

A trusted partner

We help transmission network owners mitigate the risks associated with managing their assets.

Our proven SAIP service provides an unprecedented look, in high-resolution, at the condition of your assets at any point in time.

Through subsequent SAIP surveys of your assets, the same areas can be compared over time to generate probabilistic maintenance programs, based on accurate visual deterioration rates.

By capturing, analysing and documenting these changes, across different climatic conditions, we help you set a new benchmark for compliance, auditing, and cost-effective maintenance of your conductors and associated hardware.

Raedyne Systems offers the industry a new standard for condition monitoring.

Inspection accuracy with unprecedented detail

Raedyne Systems changes the way transmission network owners can view their assets.

Whether you need a rapid benchmarking survey, a long-term monitoring program or a post-construction commissioning audit, Raedyne Systems' SAIP Service delivers to your requirements.

Our Conductor Tracking Camera System (CTCS) has 5 cameras that automatically track a complete high voltage circuit, including strike wires.

The airborne CTCS surveys are conducted in a single pass at speeds of up to 60 kmph.

A consistent and continuous digital record of each conductor, and its associated hardware, is generated, with full GIS and LiDAR data.

With better than sub millimetre resolution, we capture and identify the unknown in unprecedented detail and coverage.

CTCS - Raedyne Systems Conductr Tracking Camera Sytem
Raedyne Systems CTCS generating a consistent digital record
Raedyne Systems capturing 330kv 4 bundle spacer images

Cost effective analysis

Raedyne Systems provides network owners with greater insight into their assets’ condition to minimise risk profiles.

Raedyne Systems offers a proven and repeatable  image analysis (IA) classification and sorting process machine learning algorithms.

Our IA interrogates the imagery taken by the CTCS, consistently and reliably labelling each high-resolution image.  

We work with our customers to develop bespoke classification parameters to enable their imagery data to be effectively mined at their request, and according to their needs.

This provides our customers with the ability to rapidly examine the condition of their conductors and hardware, and identify any anomalies that may be present.

We can generate condition assessment reports that seamlessly integrate into our customers’ business and operational maintenance processes.

Our customers have secure 24/7 access to all raw imagery, image analysis requests, and reports through our bespoke customer portal on a monthly subscription basis.

Operational risk and liability can now be effectively managed by Raedyne Systems’ complete service and end-to-end capture, analysis and delivery system, with the flexibility to suit any jurisdiction.

Raedyne Systems Dat Analysis
Raedyne Systems Machine vision HV conductor analysis
Raedyne Systems identify a conductor hit by a ightning strike

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For any inquiries, please contact Raedyne Systems by filling out the following form or call us on the number provided.

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Melbourne, Victoria

Phone  +61 1300 770 007

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